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Salt at The Last Supper 10:24 PM

Not only was Leonardo DaVinci a great painter, he knew some things about salt that I just discovered. Of all the times I looked at this "Last Supper Painting" I never noticed there was salt on the table.

In Bible times, salt was used symbolically in covenants - in both Old Testament and New. Jehovah entered into a salt covenant with David that his seed would be on the throne forever. In Jesus' time, Roman soldiers carried pouches of salt, and when they made a covenant they would pour salt from their pouches into one container and shake it up. Then who could tell one man's salt from the other?

A salt covenant symbolizes:





Now, take a peek at this close up of Judas from "The Last Supper" painting.

Not only does he have a bag in his hand, while the other reaches toward the bowl, but the salt is spilled in front of his arm.... symbolizing the broken covenant between him and Jesus.


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i was snooping around for a good 'last supper' pic n i came across urs - some q come into mind like 'y is it daylight outside where 1 can see the furtherest mountain', 'no candles', 'no wine', n 'y the heck in this big church like bldg'..

anyways, thanks for the awesome pic...