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Eskimo Kisses, the Apple and a Testimony 11:00 PM

The words "School is canceled" evokes a hallelujah chorus at my house. A few times every winter the heavens open up in the night and shower us with a foot or more of snow. To the kids it's a much prayed for miracle that means no school, snowballs, hot chocolate, and quite often a little unexpected snuggle time with Mom.

Like a bunch of polar bear cubs, we snuggle on the couch or bed and read together. Sooner or later someone on tries to get more comfortable and jabs an elbow in my ribs, eye, or kidney and a wrestling or tickling match ensues. Then in the calm after the "storm" we start just chatting and having those rare heart-to-heart moments that last a life time.

You fair-weather folks probably know what a butterfly kiss is, but maybe you've never had an Eskimo kiss. We northern folks who've been outside when it was cold enough to make your nostril hair freeze stiff and nasal passages stick closed know. You simply rub nose tips very gently.

Did you know that when you get really close to someone you can see your reflection in their eyes?

When you look into the heart of a love ones eyes, you see your reflection staring right back at you. I can't help but think of the Scripture that tells us we are the apple of God's eye (Deut. 22:8). There have been a lot of instances in my life when I wondered what I looked like through God's eyes, but just recently I've discovered my reflection in the deepths of His all-seeing eyes in a brand new way.

I was facing a tough situation financially. My children's father is between jobs and I was counting the weeks when no child support checks would be coming my way. For a single mom needing to pay bills, buy boots, heat, and all that jazz it's a big deal. So one night in prayer I was feeling especially close to God and began having one of those heart-to-heart chats. I told him all about it. If you're thinking it was one of those sappy sweet "I trust you to take care all me needs" conversations think again. I was tired, frustrated and felt like it was God's turn to do the worrying. I guess I was feeling a bit neglected, alone, and hungering for a protector.

In the midst of it all He spoke to me in a quiet voice, "Don't worry. I'm going to take care of it for you." I was excited, but before long I began looking ahead at everything I needed to get through the coming months. I got upset, and literally heard that voice again say, "I'm going to take care of it." This went on for weeks. I'd start worrying, and I'd hear that quiet voice chiding me with a reminder, "I'm going to take care of it."

On a Friday, I deposited my last child support check. By Sunday night, God had supplied the entire amount of child support I was expecting to miss. Of course I was thankful!!!! As I was lying in bed a week later and thanking God for his providence, he spoke again in that quiet voice and said, "I'm not done."

Blessing after blessing has been flowing my way. I'm not sure just what else God has in store for me! I am just marveling at His goodness, and am ever so thankful to know the I am the apple of His eye.


JacquelineSC84 said...

I enjoyed this entry so much! Thank you for sharing!


Danielle&Hannah said...

I know how it goes, nice to see someone else who trust's the Lord's provision for their darling!