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The Mexico Weight Loss Plan Update 9:05 AM

I'm excited to announce the results for week 2 of my Mexico Weight Loss Program!

Week 2 results: -2.8 pounds
Total weight loss: 5.4 pounds

I must be a little more serious about dieting this year. Here's a little clip from my dieting diary last year...

At some point most of us have one of those "oh no" moments when we realize it's time to shape up. For me it was in the coat room at church one Sunday morning. I bent over to unzip my dress boots and felt my eyes bulge from a too-large abdomen being squeezed like a coke can in a trash compactor.

Day 1
Took the dog for a walk
Need to remember to swap the leash from one hand to the other several times tomorrow. My right arm is 3 inches longer than the left.

Day 2
Offered to baby-sit a two-year-old. I figured keeping up with a mini tornado would be a great fitness guage.
No wonder the Mom has that "Please rescue me" look in her eyes!

Day 3
Walked through the supermarket parking lot.
Don't know how many steps I added, but seeing the "Humpty Dumpty" version of me reflected on the sides of all those cars had a psychologically motivating impact.

Day 4
Bought a new pair of running shoes.
Not sure I'm ready to start running, but remembered the bulging eye scenario and figure if I bend over to tie and untie them enough times a day it should have some sort of effect.

Day 5
Made dessert for my friends.
I don't get as many calories when I just get to lick the spoon. Plus, I'll look thinner if my friends get fatter.

Day 6
Took a nap.
I ready a study that says Americans don't sleep enough and that it's causing weight gain. there's quite a few facts to back it up, so I thought I should take it serious.

Day 7
Worked on balancing my diet.
Not sure if a cookie in each hands counts as a balanced diet though.

Day 8
Pinpointed several sources of stress.
Stress releases chemicals that store calories as fat... wonder if that will hold up in court if I should take the writer's advice seriously and eliminate the sources?

Day 9
Went to an amusement park and played one of those crazy "dance/jump on the squares" games with the kids.
Figured if I passed out during the game the doctor would put me on a diet and that will make the whole process a lot easier, right?

Day 10
The wise man said laughter is good medicine. I also kind of figure it's the perfect fitness indicater... when the jiggle factor declines I'll know I've reached my goal.


Josanne said...

Hahahaha!!! I like it! Sounds like I need to follow this plan too--so, where can I find a two year old, and which desserts for my friends have the most fat grams? :)

Graceful Threads said...

Congratulations!! Thats awesome. And so funny. Sounds like what my diet may have to look like. Real life adventures that fore me to move more and eat less.