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The Octogenerian Exterminator 12:05 PM

She's eighty-three and recovering from a ruptured intestine, but Grandma is still ready to battle any critter who dares invade her home!

Now, Grandma's a classy lady. She's always worried that her clothes will be outdated and she'll embarrass her kids and grandchildren. But growing up as a farm girl is still part of who she is.

I was 11 years old. My sister was screaming that a mouse was in the kitchen. I remember walking in at the exact moment that Grandma stepped on the invader... in her bare feet. My siblings and I stared at Grandma with wide eyes for days! Who was this gentle woman who babied and pampered us, yet could kill a mouse in a nanosecond and without a weapon?

At 83, and weaker than a newborn kitten, no mouse who's worth his weight in cheese had better take up residence at Grandma's house. My daughter came home the other day with that same wide-eyed look of wonder my siblings and I shared so long ago.

The visiting nurse was at Grandma's house and filling out papers. Grandma spied on of those dispicable critters running across the floor. He darted behind the stereo. She tottered to the stereo right beside the door and stood guard. When she was sure the nurse wasn't looking she opened the door a crack. The mouse, seeing a way of escape, darted through the door. He wasn't fast enough. Grandma shut the door on him with enough force to kill him, grabbed him by the tail and with an expert toss disposed of the carcass.

The last I'd heard, Grandma exterminated two mice with her latest plot. I may have inherited some of Grandma's toughness, but I think I'll stick to keeping a cat on hand for exterminating those pesky buggers!


Faye said...

That's hilarious! I can picture her doing that!!!

Hilary Kay said...

Thanks for dropping by my page! I appreciated the comment and you are right about what we can learn from the elderly. I miss my grandma very much. Your story was very funny. I can picture my grandma doing the same thing. She was raised on a farm as well and was very brave when it came to mice (always a phobia of mine)