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10 Redneck Commandments 11:40 AM

It's Monday again, and as usual I've been looking for something light-hearted to get the week off to a bright start. When I came across this clip, I couldn't help but feel like I was at a family reunion. Believe me, my family reunion experiences have been more laughs than a a barrel of monkeys. I think story telling genes have a big share in my family pool.

I've never laughed so hard as when my mother's cousin told us about rigging a clawfoot bathtub with a 70 horsepower boat motor and launching it on Lake Erie. It cost him a good motor, but provided years of entertainment for the family and some good writing material for me.

So in honor of all you who have a few redneck roots out there, enjoy this authentic redneck rendition of the 10 commandments.

Note: I have reviewed and approve this clip only. You Tube uses collected data from the Internet and the computer you are using to suggest other clips. Please use caution and common sense when exploring other clips they may suggest. I have no way of predicting these suggested clips.