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Car Repair 101 - My Way 11:45 AM

It finally happened. Just as I passed the mailbox I nearly wiped out the day I discovered a mouse in my car (remind me to tell you the story sometime), I heard a terrible racket coming from under my car. My exhaust had fallen and was dragging.

Now, I wouldn't add car repair to my list of hobbies or skills any more than I'd consider weight lifting or drag racing, but a woman has to do what a women has to do. That's especially true when you're a single woman. So I thought I'd share my woman smart car repair secrets with you.

1. Never brag on your car. Pride goeth before a break down. I must admit that the night before the break down I was ribbing my father who bought his "lemon" the same month I bought mine. "It'll be paid for next week, and I wouldn't be afraid to jump in it and go to California," I boasted. My father muttered something about two more years of payments and putting his in the garage again tomorrow.

2. Bungy cords and duct tape will get you out of most situations. Keep a toolbox full of them in your trunk. It only took me a minute to wrap a bungy cord around the tailpipe, pop the trunk, and hoist the exhaust by stretching the cord to a "hookable" spot inside the trunk.

3. Practice looking helpless and distressed. Pop the hood, the trunk (or both) and wander around the car wringing your hands. If you're like me and refuse to panic, there won't be a good Samaritan to stop and help you. When the car pulled up beside me and the passenger window rolled down, I thought heaven had sent an angel to rescue me. Instead, the occupant let me know that my car was too far out in the road!

Just my luck... Instead of a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue, I get a lame footman in tinfoil spouting advice from his seat in the chariot! lol

"Thanks Buddy - whoever you were, but I took care of it just fine... even if I did ruin a new pair of hose kneeling on the pavement."


RoyalInsignia said...


So resourceful. Glad your OK.

TEAM Ministry said...

Thanks for sharing, you have an enjoyable friendly style of writing. Oh, by the way. Your knight in tinfoil probably did you a favor by not helping, he might not have known the exhaust from the dipstick! lol