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Seventeen and Wrinkles? You do the Math! 11:41 AM

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Seventeen years ago, the most beautiful little four-pound bundle of joy entered my world. So today I celebrate the birth of one of God's greatest gifts in my life with heartfelt enthusiasm and much thanksgiving. She's stunning, sweet, sincere, and beautiful. Her laughter and love have been music to my heart. She's every mother's dream child... and everyone tells her she looks, acts and sounds just like her mother! ;) lol That's probably just to keep her humble. She obviously has blond hair and mine's quite dark.

Now for the bitter part...
It's getting SO much harder for people to believe that I'm still 29 when they see us together. They don't know that at 17 years of age I was married, and only 19 when she came along. Even when I explained all of this, anyone who isn't extremely mathematically challenged lifts and eyebrow. So I guess it's about time to start claiming that she's my sister! I'm not usually a stubborn person, but I'm finding it difficult to age. But then, I guess the curse of female vanity attaches itself to so many of us. I'm not alone.

But the question remains....

Should I fight it?
Or shake hands and concede graciously?
Before you answer, check this out...

I guess she's got a point!

But maybe a little "natural" help could make "Mother Nature" a little kinder. I'm feeling the urge to invest several cases of anti-wrinkle cream - not that I've spotted any yet, mind you! And if I play my cards just right, maybe the "sister idea" will be a genuine case of mistaken idea instead of a desperate alias on my part. What do you think?

Devita Try Me, Anti-Aging Kit - 1 kit
Devita Try Me, Anti-Aging Kit - 1 kit




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RoyalInsignia said...
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RoyalInsignia said...

Aw Sis! Shes gorgeous and so are you.

I think we may be the same age..Er uh....29.

Sis A. said...

Hey, that anti-aging kit is on sale for $16.21. Good deal! I think I need two or three of them, though. What do you think? By the way, your blog is awesome, as usual. I love your writings! Sis. A

Yvonne said...

I noticed you started following my blog and thought I would stop by and check yours out! Great blogs (All 3!) Looking forward to reading more from you.

TEAM Ministry said...

too funny