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A True Friend! 10:18 AM

Betrayal leaves an ugly scar. Those of you who've been in a relationship where you've felt the cutting sting of a lover turning their back on you, probably know the lasting affects that sometimes taint our expectations of those around us. We almost come to expect more of the same (shame on us).

Sometimes it's good to be reminded of those things that are true and faithful. I came across this little clip and had to smile.

Note: I have reviewed and approve this clip only. You Tube uses collected data from the Internet and the computer you are using to suggest other clips. Please use caution and common sense when exploring other clips they may suggest. I have no way of predicting these suggested clips.

This little reminder of faithfulness made me pause and reflect on the many true friends that I really have. And to all of you personal friends who read my blog, let me say that you mean the world to me!

I was also reminded of another friend... "a friend that sticks closer than a brother"... "a friend who laid down his life." JESUS

I don't want to get sappy sweet here, but there's no one in my life who knows me as well. I never have to smile when I don't feel like smiling, I never feel pressured to be strong and brave when I feel like hiding, I don't have to worry about interrupting his dinner to talk to Him or intruding on his family time...

He's just there. He knows. He shares. He listens. He cares. And yes, He even speaks or whispers His love in so many ways. It might be in the song of a bird, or the hug of a friend, a sermon from the pulpit, or a gentle reminder that true friends care and will always be there!


Josanne said...

Great post AND clip! Thanks for sharing!
I often think of the words of the song, Jesus I love you, because You care, I couldn't imagine if you weren't there.....
And it is so true! I really couldn't imagine Him not being there-He's always there for me, for all of us!

Faye said...

This was totally awesome and inspiring! I agree with Josanne - thanks for sharing!
You do come up with very unique and captivating items of interest!