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You Missed the Party! 8:50 PM

Yes, you missed the party, but don't feel too badly. It was a pity party. For me. Thrown by me. Attended by me.

I've been sick with pnemonia. Really, really sick, I was in the ER twice. In fact I coughed hard enough to damage my rib cage. I was sick enough to miss an entire week of work! I don't ever remember missing a week of work because of being sick.

Now do you feel bad you missed the party?

Seriously, I've missed blogging and even checking my email. But I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again. I still have an annoying cough, but that's not too bad considering.

If you've missed my blogs... awww, thanks :) I'm looking forward to getting back on track this week.


Alicia said...

Angela, so glad you are starting to feel better!

Faye said...

It is definitely good to hear you are "on the mend"!! I do enjoy your blogs!!