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Does Your Church Need Some "Life?" 9:12 AM

If you've never heard this song, you're in for a good belly laugh! If you're an old fan of the song (like me), you'll enjoy the visual format.

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens

Note: I have reviewed and approve this clip only. You Tube uses collected data from the Internet and the computer you are using to suggest other clips. Please use caution and common sense when exploring other clips they may suggest. I have no way of predicting these suggested clips.


Graceful Threads said...

Hilarious! I had never *seen* that though I have heard it! My 2nd mom goes to a little Pentecostal church in Pascagoula Miss. Reckon thats where Ray got his inspiration?

Faye said...

I was going to say, "Hilarious!" when I realized that Graceful Threads made the same comment!!