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A Warm Fuzzy Love Story 10:04 PM

So often it seems like the happiest couples look alike. Watch the anniversary notices in the newspaper and you'll soon agree with me. The 50th wedding celebration announcements sport two people who have grown to even look alike.... or maybe they've always looked alike. But every once in a while, you'll come across a Mutt and Jeff duo that seem to be at odds as a couple, and yet their relationship lasted a quarter or half a century.

What is the glue that ties people together for a lifetime? I've asked myself that question too many times to count. But until I've come up with the answer, I'll have to be satisfied with looking for clues in relationships like the one in this clip...

Note: I have reviewed and approve this clip only. You Tube uses collected data from the Internet and the computer you are using to suggest other clips. Please use caution and common sense when exploring other clips they may suggest. I have no way of predicting these suggested clips.


Faye said...

Thank you!! That is awesome.