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Just One Bite! 2:24 PM

Ahhhh! Have you ever watched chocolate cooking? I mean really looked at it! Who knew there were so many shades of brown? Every swirl of the spoon reveals a brand new pattern to glory in.

Oh the mesmerizing power of liquid satin that reflects the mood of light, and so smooth you can see your reflection it!

...chocolate, the most divine food this side of heaven!
...such a blessing
...such a curse!

In case you haven't guessed, I'm fighting temptation. There's a bake sale tomorrow and I'm making dozens and dozens of chocolate things. Help! I wonder if Eve felt this when she was tempted to take that one bite?

If I close my eyes, I go back to last March... Hershey, PA. I'm riding a little tram through the chocolate factory. On both side are giant glistening vats of chocolate being stirred by huge paddles and a fan gentle blows the aroma of chocolate in my face. My lungs are filled with chocolate air, my clothes smell like chocolate, I'm bathed in chocolate perfume, I'm....

I'm being tempted is what I am. There's not doubt about it. I hear voices whispering, "Eat!"
To be honest, I've always been a little hard on Eve. What'd she go and eat an apple and put all of these curses on womankind for? But then maybe it wasn't an apple after all that tempted her. It just could be that Satan pulled a cocoa bean from the tree, broke it open and wafted it under her nose. Now that I can understand.

I'm determined to not gain another pound this holiday! (Fat chance of that;) lol But here's a little research that I came across to help me get through the horrible temptations of the season.

Aura Cacia Essential Oil - Grapefruit, 0.5 oz

Oh what bliss!
I don't need to fight the temptation any longer.
The doctors now say chocolate is good for me.
Maybe it wasn't the cocoa bean
that was Eve's downfall after all ;)


RoyalInsignia said...

O wow! Sis...

How eye-opening that clip from the Dr was.

Actual fat from an actual human ?? Gross but fascinating and informative.

I carry alot of weight right in my tummy....not good.